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Dan Tharp

Father.  Musician.  Guitarist.  Composer.  IT Professional.

Welcome to

Hi, I'm Dan Tharp and welcome to my website.

On this site you can listen to my music, watch my videos, and access my resume and other documents related to my being an IT (Information Technology) Professional.

I've been playing the guitar and writing my own music since I was a teenager.  I started playing the guitar with my Dad when I was pretty young--and believe it or not, I only had 1 string on my guitar at the time!  Later I took classical guitar and composition lessons with the intention of becoming a full time musician and composer as my career.


I almost went to college majoring in classical guitar/composition, but decided at the last minute to get into computer programming (starting with designing and writing game software on the TRS-80 Color Computer and then later on the Radio Shack Tandy 1000).

After graduating High School, I decided to go to college to get into the IT field.

I graduated from Illinois Central College with an Associates Degree and from Illinois State University with a Bachelors Degree in Applied Computer Science.

I've been in the IT field ever since.

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